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eCall Days 2013

INT - 26/27 September 2013 - Berlin, Germany -

The eCall Days as the largest conference on the pan-European eCall in Germany takes place in Berlin the third time. During the two conference days, the event gives a European-wide overview on the situation of eCall deployment and implementation.

The topic of the first day is the current status of the upcoming implementation of eCall and Third Party Services in Europe. Political representatives of the European Commission, the federal governments of Germany and Czech Republic, the federal state governments and other stakeholders will take a stand and present their agenda on eCall implementation, interoperability and additional services. After the lectures the participants have the opportunity to network during the evening reception.
On the second day, the conference focuses on the view of component suppliers and the entire range of services, aims at presenting the on-going technical process of implementation and observes the developments in the area of powered two-wheelers.

The event is rounded out by an exhibition with an eCall simulation, a RiderEcall demonstrator and a Car-to-Car communication demonstration.